Half Marathon in New York

While we were all on our Easter Break Ms. Crotty ran the United Airlines Half Marathon in New York. It was a really special occasion as it was a lottery who had an entry. Ms. Crotty ran it along with 20,000 competitors. The streets of New York are closed only twice a year, with this being one!!!

1916 Flag

This year marks the centenary of the 1916 rising. Every school received an Irish flag to mark this special occasion. We made Irish flags and we all watched the flag been risen. Ms. Carelton and Peace the youngest member of the school raised the flag together. It is now flying outside the perfabs with pride.

Rice Krispie Nests

Today we talked about melting. How we can melt objects, what causes them to melt and how materials like chocolate can change from hard , to soft, to hard again. We all helped to break the hard chocolate into a bowl. We melted it in the microwave and mixed the rice krispies into the chocolate and put them into bun cases. We waited patiently for them to go hard and we placed chicks and eggs in them. They were delicious!! Happy Easter!!!

Spring Walk

Today was a beautiful Spring Day so we decided to go on a Spring search. We all went out into the beautiful sunshine and worked in pairs to try and identify and find things that were on our sheet. We observed and found daffodils, tulips, nests, birds, drains, puddles, a bench, a jet in the sky, etc. We were so quiet we even observed a crow come down at our feet to collect branches to make its nest. Spring is such a wonderful time of year!!


Pancake Tuesday

Today is Pancake Tuesday. We discussed what we need to make pancakes. We all helped to make yummy pancakes. We put sugar and lemon on them after. They disappeared very quickly!!!

Mindfulness with Brenda

We did some mindfulness moves with Brenda.